Sticky Messes

Sticky messes. Specifically baby messes. That range from dripping wet defrosted fruit to saliva covered tiny chins and you can’t forget the poop smeared onesies. As you can see sticky messes come in all shapes and forms. It can be entertaining to watch from afar, that is until you realize you are the one who has to pick up the mess left behind. A mess that was created during fun, thrill shrieking playing and tossing of the toys (or in my case, tossing of the filled Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder), which let me tell you gets everywhere. I pride myself for making all of my little one’s meals from scratch. It being Crookneck Squash or Sweet Potato which I blend up, freeze, and stuff away into the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder. My little Aspen absolutely loves to suck, munch, and nibble on it. However, once it melts it’s a gooey mess that gets everywhere…on the blanket, the baby’s onesie, eyesbrows, hands, and sometimes hair (basically all over the baby) and of course on your shirt after having to pick up your little sticky one. Can’t forget about the sticky mess spreading over to the fortress of toys that surrounds the 6-month-old sitter.

Sometimes you have messy days just like a messy baby. A day when you are feeling low and insecure (which come on we all have had a day or two or even a week like that), and you wake up late in the day with the feeling that you just cannot quite catch up with the day’s schedule, like you are just lagging in getting things accomplished. For example, I have been wanting to work on my little one’s baby book, work on my baby’s shadow box, organize the numerous doll-like clothing that fits my chunky bambina, start a blog (that is a check off my to-do-list), but then sometimes you get so caught up in negative ideas that swarm your every thought, such as wow those girls in DJ Khaled’s music video “I’m the One” are all so perfect and gorgeous and I wish I had a butt like hers (This may or may not have been a thought that crossed my mind today,) probably won’t want the fiance to see this. Then I realize every girl in that video was gorgeous with a full face of makeup and hair done with high heels on, basically at their best..and I  know damn straight that I would look that great too if I had profressional hair, makeup, and fashion stylist ready to do me up. A great quote to reference when ever I’m feeling down or when insecurities are taking over is “Another woman’s beauty is not the absence of your own,” (“Why A Woman Will Never Truly Believe She Is Beautiful” great article to read) this is a saying every women should repeat to herself daily. It is easy to become victim to comparing and I won’t deny I do it often and the internet is filled with people posting and dedicating their life to appear happy go lucky on the screen..ALL THE TIME!!! Props to them though for continuously coming up with different ideas to entertain their audience (AKA me).

Now one may be wondering how did i go from the topic of baby food to the topic of insecurities and worries both men and women face on a daily, well they both involve sticky messes. One being literally and the other figuratively, completely different yet share similarities. A great thing that both messes have in common are that you can strip away the mess and start fresh..strip off the shirt smeared with food from the little tot and strip away the day to start off a new day with a new attitude….so cliché am I right?

Tips for starting the day off RIGHT:

  • Let natural light come in. Meaning crack open those blinds and feel the peircing rays of sunshine (doesn’t that sound nice). Benefits of Natural Light
  • Start the day off with positive affirmations. It’s pretty easy to find different types all on Youtube. One I like to use is 120 Positive Affirmations.
  • Drink a hot caffeinated beverage, such as a vanilla chai tea. Benefits To Drinking Chai Tea

Here’s my recipe


  •  1 vanilla or french vanilla chai tea bag
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1/2 cup of whole milk (if not one’s cup of tea..pun intended) then almond or soy milk suffices
  • 1 tsp. (splash) of vanilla
  • 1 packet of stevia.


  1. Fill mug of choice with 1/2 cup of water or just fill halfway and submerge tea bag.
  2. Microwave for 2 minutes.
  3. Pour and combine 1/2 cup of milk into mug.
  4. Add splash of Vanilla
  5. Add 1 whole packet of stevia (substitute for regular sugar)
  6. Mix and enjoy!



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